Friday, February 27, 2009

Rainy Friday morning

So my post have slowed down, basically because I ran out of things to say.   But I figured I would throw something out here since I had a moment.  

I have been losing weight (dont know how much yet) but it seems to be aided by eating a little bit, rather than eating nothing.  I guess its the metabolism factor.  So my plan of a 40 day fast has pretty much been scrapped.  However, when I say I am eating, I mean I am having bites of stuff, or a few pieces of sushi; definitely not eating full meals.   So I think this may be the key to dropping weight faster.  We'll see.

Moving forward, I feel its time to return to the gym.  Yeah I know, that should be a given, but I haven't made that commitment yet.  I think its time.  Now I have no desire to be a cardio rat, but I certainly enjoy weight lifting.  I think a return to steel plates and cables is the next piece of the puzzle in completing this plan, so starting March 2nd, its back to pushing and pulling the heavy stuff.

So my post will start being a diary-ish type journal.  I think it will be the best way to stay on track, and keep me honest.  In any event, I need to get back in there, cause it can only help me in the long run.  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wow, have I been gone a week??

Okay sorry for the sabatical.  Time to get caught up!

I have to confess something.  I have not stuck to my fast 100%.  I have eaten sushi on the last two Friday nights, and Saturday night.  Yeah, I know, I was weak.  But man I LOVE sushi!  But I wrote about that last week.  Anyway, I have had some sustenance, so I cant really claim to have fasted all 40 days.  But, my goals remain the same, and since this was really more of a physically purposed fast, I dont feel like a faithless failure. :)

The weekend was great.  We painted our kitchen and finally changed the tropical orange to "Almond Oil", , which is Eddie Bauer for beige.  I also got our dining room bench built, painted and installed.  The room is looking totally new and very updated.

Thats all I have time for now....I'll be back later. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

This is me....this is what i do....

And yes, at times, I DO wear sunglasses at work.  The sun can get rough in the afternoons.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sorry, time to get Political

Okay, here's a shocking revelation......I despise liberals.  At least their ideology anyway.
  $789,000,000,000 is about to be spent by Congress, and debate is being stifled by the Democratic leaders.  A 1000 page spending bill was not available to any member to read until after midnight last night, and now approximately 12 hours later, they are supposed to vote on it!  And our illustrious Speaker has ruled the bill officially "read"!  She ruled that the bill has been read by the House of Representatives as a whole!  So they are going to force a vote on a bill which virtually no one has actually read.  I am so thrilled to have them in charge.
All Republicans request to extend the debate has been declined by the head of the Democratic party.  Despite their plea to have time to read and comprehend the content of what they are even voting for, the liberal wishlist will be passed and signed whether the American people want it or not.  Nancy Pelossi has pretty much laid out the REAL reason for this bill.  It will be a big feather in the hat for Obama.

 This was the HOPE and the CHANGE we were promised?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 8

Please forgive me for not posting anything since Friday...its been hard to sit down and just write.   Its not that Ive been really busy, I just didn't take the time. 
So lets catch up.

Today is day 8 of my planned 30 day fast.  Last night I purchased a juicer from Wal-Mart and have decided to jump on the fresh juice bandwagon.  (Hopefully my version of juicing is as effective as Bonds and Canseco's, but without the needles.)  I have to admit, I don't know that I have ever drank fresh-squeezed carrots, and definitely not celery and bell peppers, but WOW.....they are seriously good!  If the information I have been reading is accurate, then this should aide in my weight-loss goals.  At the very least, freash vegetable and fruit juice has to be good for me.  Right?

Anyway, the weekend was pretty enjoyable.  We didn't have to be somewhere we didn't want, and the weather was awesome.  Megan and Dawson finished their whirlwind stage tour Saturday afternoon (see below for more info) and Sunday was very lazy.  Dawson actually got to steer his Poppy's tractor while they cleaned up the garden; I guess getting ready or planting.  I started planning the dining room table and bench I am going to construct, and then headed over to Wallyworld for groceries.  And the juicer.

So now I am back at work, well, my office.  I have more to post but I will stop here and pick it up again later.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Lillys Purple Plastic Purse

My kids are Broadway stars now.  Bright lights, photo shoots, autographs......yep, Big Stars!

Okay, that might be an exaggeration.  

But they are currently performing in a local children's theatre, and doing a really good job.  Opening night for Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse was tonight at CAST, in downtown Hickory.  The whole crew, except the director, was made up of kids; all of which are home schooled.  I thought they did awesome, but I might be biased.  

I thought a few pics were warranted.  Enjoy....

Stimulus money....

We got our stimulus money today....and paid bills.  Actually it was our Federal refund.  No stimulus money headed our way this year from what I tell.  Apparently its all (well not all, but thats another topic) going to programs and organizations.  In some capacity or another, this current bill in Congress, which has passed the House, and now moves to the Senate, is supposed to jump-start the economy, or save us from "catastrophe" as B.O. put it.  Yeah.  Right.

The last time I looked, the National Endowment for the Arts (50 million) was NOT a key element of our GDP.  Nor was Amtrack (850 million) the Smithsonian (150 million) 0r climate-research missions by NASA (450 million).   Apparently, in Liberaland, they are.  
And thats just the begining.  Here's the 40 year Democratic wishlist in laymans terms.

I guess they are taking Rahm Emanuals advice...

Yeah Rahm, dont miss an opportunity to screw the American people.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Little Guys

163 Days

So this is day four of what is very likely to become 30+.  Crazy, I know.  Everyones going to become an expert or a dietician when they find out.  There will be no end to the advice and suggestions that seem to pour forth when you do this.   But its okay, I'm ready.

Unfortunatly, theres no ideal time to carry out a lengthy fast.  At some point it will collide with a event that centers around eating.  Valentines is in 8 days, and standard operating procedure is to go out on a date....and have a good meal together.  Does that sound good to me?  Hell yes!  But will i let fasting diminish my enjoyment if I dont eat?  No. It may be a little weird to the waiter, but it wont stop me from having a good time.  The problem is that others feel awkward eating in front of you.  But this is my choice.  Its not the result of illness or disease, so there is no reason to feel this way.  Just be normal.

So theres 163 days to go until the beach.  I cant wait.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Potential changes?

Lets be clear......fasting is not the easiest thing to do.  Your head hurts, you get a nasty taste in your mouth, and your stomache makes very loud noises.  It is not exactly conducive to putting you in a great state of mind.  

Maybe thats why I can stick to it easier than a diet.  No portioning issues, no counting calories or fat grams....just dont eat anything.  Pretty simple.  
So I have to admit I was a little stoked when I stumbled on a website today fully engaged in the process and direction of weight-loss through fasting.  In fact, there is a LOT on the web about the topic, and it was pretty interesting.  Juice fasts, water-fasts, tea fasts, etc.  The common denominator? No solid food for a set time period of between 1 and 40 days.  The results? Incredible.  And what shocked me was that no one was selling a "program" or "system".  There are books for sale on these sites, and some "planning" type materials, but nothing like you see in a generic weight-loss arena.  I guess its because no ones gonna sign up and shell out money for a plan that cant be labled "no-hunger" no will-power necessary" or whatever.  
That would be bull@#$.

Today's day 3.  I think at this point I will stay with my original plan of 7 days, and then be diligent about the foods I eat from there on.  However, if I continue to read about all the positive benefits of withholding food from my system, I may extend this out longer.  I cant help but believe that if, done under strict guidelines, I can break my addition to sugars, and fats and food in general, that I could succeed in my goals faster than trying to manage the never-ending barrage of question marks that arise while "dieting".  
I guess we'll find out......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What blessed looks like to me

167 Days

So every journey has an end point or destination.  Loosing weight and transforming your body should be no different.  I needed to find a goal to aim at while on this little path of total physical overhaul and it just so happens that we are going to the beach this 167 days. 

5 months and 17 days,  4008 hours, 240,480 minutes or  1,442,880 seconds to burn off many years of excess calories and fat molecules I have so carefully collected and stored.  One way or another, I will be 30% less of a man when we head out on July 18th.  I will take NO clothes with me that I own right now.  I will not have backaches or knee pain due to lugging around my  fat @$$.  I will not take Annamarie for granted, and will give her a husband she deserves; a husband that is up to her level.  I will be father that leads by example, not by words alone.  I will be a positive influence on others in this situation.

Come hell or high water, I will make this happen.  I dont have a choice.   I don't have time to do it again later.  I won't forgive myself if I fail.

This I swear to God. 

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

When we were teenagers I thought she was beautiful.  I didn't know what beautiful was until the day I saw here holding our first child, Megan.  Now with number 4, Nolan Trace, she still occupies my thoughts like the day I first fell for her.  I love her more than I can put into words, I want to spend every minute with her.


As I aluded to in the post Saturday night, Sunday was a big day for me.....and ultimately my family.  It has now been 48 hours since my last meal.  (Technically, since the last bite of solid food I have consumed.)  For two days now, nothing but coffee, milk, and a beer.  I am fasting, and I feel great.

There are two reasons why I am doing this, and I might as well spell it out since that seems to be everyones first question......"why"?  First, fasting is a VERY powerful tool for refocusing your faith.  When the urges and pains hit, you have NOWHERE to turn but to God himself for relief.  Prayer is not a outlet, its a lifeline.  If you feel the need to find a way to reestablish a connection with the Lord.....quit eating, it wont take long.

Second, I need to lose weight.  Not a few pounds, but a significant, life changing amount of 80 to 100 pounds.  Its long overdue and its seriously necessary.  Not to mention deserved by my family more than any other gift I could give them.  I have four kids I want to watch grow up to be married old folks, and an incredible wife I want to watch grow up to be a really old great grandmother.  That means I should probably stay healthy.

Now, here is where the "experts" want to chime in with their knowlege of the best path to reach my goal....and how fasting is not the way to do it.  Yes, I know.  Please save all your advice unless you have actually lost 100 pounds, which of course gives you all the right in the world to give advice.  

Its not  my plan to fast my way to a slimmer me, just jump start the process.  Seven days of fasting will make it considerably easier to eat exceptionally smaller amounts of food for the following months of dieting.  Actually, I don't need a diet, I need a whole new lifestyle, but I will delve more in to that on the next post.  

So 48 hours in and things are flowing smoothly.  Its gonna be a long ride but if I have ever been committed to this more, I don't remember. 
Stay tuned.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Outlaw Wyatt Clark

"Okay Black Bart.....prepare to meet your Maker!"
"Reach for the Sky!  You are all under arrest!" 
My Work here is done........